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The most noticeable difference to our clients is the price tags that are attached to each. Indirect marketing relates to television, radio, print etc. This form of marketing is usually to a mass target market ad very expensive where as direct marketing is the company going straight to their consumers and the communication is interactive.

There are many reasons why your company should work with us and zero to none why they shouldn’t.

We can offer:

Increased market share
National coverage
Adapt to any industry that is looking to increase their customer base
Specialize in all event marketing methods
We create an individual, tailor made sales strategy for every client
We provide quality long term customers for our clients

Quite simply there will always be a need for what we specialize in. Advertising your brand using television, radio, print etc, can be so expensive and not have a high return on investment (ROI). This is why so many companies turn to direct sales and marketing as its cost effective, flexible and more effective as potential customers can ask questions about the product or service they are signing up to.

Sales and marketing gives clients an opportunity to give more detail about their product or service to their end users and make more of an impact in relation to their competition that may only use indirect forms of marketing.

The main difference between J7 and our competitors is the relationship we have with our client and customer base.

There are many aspects of marketing, the main reason why we have chosen to specialize in events sales and marketing is because there was a gap in the market. Events sales in the entertainment industry was not hitting its potential. Since we have turned all our focus to events sales, our clients have seen a massive return on their investment.