J7 firmly believes that the foundation of lifelong careers are built on valuable experience over the course of time. Many recent university/college graduates and millennials have chosen to aim for companies or businesses that offer Entry-Level roles. These roles are defined as either what make or break you in your path to success. By obtaining a basic entry level role, you have opened up the door for countless opportunities and experience.

Entry-Level, to us, is one that allows an individual to enter the company, sometimes even with little, no experience or education. Jason Coat, Managing Director of J7 explains, “Entry-level experience is extremely valuable because it gives those individuals a chance to get into the flow of what their hired company is about. They will gain valuable experience and potentially have the chance to get higher paid roles in that same company. Not only this but, it is a great opportunity to meet leaders in your industry and can also be valuable networks and connections.” This type of opportunity happens for those that understand and try to take a chance with applying for an entry level roles. These individuals hope to grow into a certain company and flourish with success. Here at J7, we know it is important to start representatives as entry-level, we offer these roles purely to make sure the candidate is given the chance at organic, internal, and personal growth.

It’s important because quite often companies that hire entry-level associates would also like those exceptional ones to take higher places and roles in the organization. This is due to the fact that they get a sense of the worker’s work ethic and valuable change someone brings to their table. “It is also a plus for workers that get entry-level roles because they get the chance to learn from individuals that have more experience and shape their own skills to go further,” mentions Jason Coat of J7. These roles will also enable individuals to establish good communication techniques by speaking with higher positioned individuals. Which will allow entry-level representatives to gain constructive criticism and feedback on how they can better themselves at work and push harder to thrive.